Wiggles and Giggles – 3D/4D ultrasound studio opened just outside of Salisbury

All parents treasure that first photo of their new baby and can’t wait to show it off to family and friends. These days – that happens long before birth. With new ultrasound technology, parents are able to see even the tiniest features of their developing babies.

Martha Foster saw that as a business opportunity. She recently opened Wiggles and Giggles, her own 3D/4D ultrasound studio to offer pregnant women a range of options for permanently capturing those first precious images.

She is a registered RADMS sonographer and has performed ultrasounds for the past few years. She’s also a mother herself, of three girls, and she knows how important it is to capture every moment of their lives.

Wiggles Lobby

So, far I have loved every minute of doing this work,” Martha said. ” It truly doesn’t even seem like work really.” She is excited about the possibilities for Wiggles and Giggles in the future and feels like her business will continue to grow and do well in the future.

Wiggles and Giggles provides plenty of opportunities to create your special one-of-a-kind keepsake of your pregnancy. They offer variety of different packages starting from the Gender Determination package ($60) that includes black & white photos and listening to the baby’s heartbeat; to the Babies Journey Package ($375) that includes 4 sessions at the different times of pregnancy. Each of these sessions comes with black & white and color photos.

After every session the parent has an option to purchase a duck or bear with baby’s heartbeat recorded on it, buy a CD with the sonogram session or print additional pictures for those extended family members.

Martha also does belly casting (by appointment only), ranging from $79 for one session to $230 for 3 sessions. Casts can also be hand painted.

Do you want to surprise your pregnant friend with the Baby Shower gift that she will never forget? No problem! Martha will travel to customer’s house for a sonogram session, record it to a CD with the music on the background and print color images of the baby.

When planning a visit to Wiggles and Giggles, keep in mind that all packages are considered elective and cannot be used to replace the routine doctor visits. There is no radiologist reading the sonograms.

Wiggles Patient Room

Martha Foster graduated from Virginia College in Birmingham, Al in 2006. She has worked in NC, TN and MD. She went to ultrasound school with the intention of working with OB patients and has always loved the idea of scanning babies. She never really gave any thought to opening an ultrasound studio until about 4 or 5 months ago. One day it just hit her that her love for scanning babies would fit perfectly in with opening a 3D/4D Ultrasound studio. “What job could be anymore perfect for me than something like this, something I truly love doing?” she said.

Martha looks forward to meeting and scanning many expectant mothers on the Eastern Shore. And she will work hard to give every mother a wonderful keepsake for life, no matter whether their baby is the most cooperative little one or a little one that wants to surprise mommy and daddy with his or her little face when he or she actually gets here.

I am excited to have the opportunity to provide you and your family with the chance to have your own special memories of your baby’s journey into the world. I look forward to meeting you, your family, and your little one. I am determined to make your experience the most enjoyable experience possible,” she said.

To learn more about Wiggles and Giggles or to schedule an appointment visit their website www.wigglesandgiggles.net They are located at 34426 Old Ocean City Road, Pittsville, MD.

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