MCE Gets Grant For Laptops

QB class in session, Easton MD

As many small business owners may already know, QuickBooks software is not always the easiest option for managing finances, although on the contrary once the software is thoroughly taught, QuickBooks is a cost-efficient solution to managing the finances of small to medium sized businesses.

For the first time, Maryland Capital Enterprises began offering hands-on, interactive QuickBooks classes where individuals could actually follow the demonstrations on laptops. In past years when MCE had previously offered QuickBooks classes to the public, individuals followed along using a manual while watching projected demonstrations from the instructors. To follow current educational models suggesting a ‘hands-on’ learning approach, Maryland Capital Enterprises sought a grant that would provide laptop technology to assist in the learning process of QuickBooks software.

With the assistance of The University of Maryland Eastern Shore’s Rural Development Center and Dan Kuennen, Maryland Capital Enterprises was able to purchase fifteen laptops and QuickBooks software for each individual laptop.

Laptop portability was an essential aspect to the success of the piloted ‘hands-on’ approach to guiding participants through the QuickBooks curriculum. The portability of laptops also enabled Maryland Capital Enterprises to offer QuickBooks classes in both Salisbury and Easton.

Maryland Capital Enterprises is happy to be announcing that with the portable laptops that were purchased both QuickBooks and Excel courses will be offered again in the upcoming months. For additional information about either a QuickBooks or an Excel class in your area please call 410-546-1900 or email Christan at Maryland Capital Enterprises, [email protected]. You may also visit

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