It’s 2012 Prom Season!

Prom is definitely a thriving event even today that is destined to continue to be an ongoing American tradition. MCE interviewed Amber Nicole’s Bridal and Formal about how they are getting ready for the busy season, when high school seniors are shopping for the perfect dress.

Amber NicolesChelsea Dashiell is a senior at Delmar High School and also the little sister of our training coordinator, Jessica Weber. She bought and had her dress fitted at Amber Nicole’s.

Amber Nicoles is located in downtown Salisbury right on the plaza. When you walk in to the store you feel that you are in a fantasy world. Everything that you need is right at your fingertips for all your prom, wedding, and special event needs.

We spoke to the owner of Amber Nicoles, Jodie Noonan, about her store and her insights about prom. “We start selecting the styles for prom the August before, we put a lot of effort in choosing those dresses that are not sold on the internet, so each girl will have their own unique dress,” Jodie said. “We register each dress with the school so no girl will have the same dress as another.” Jodie said that over 1,000 girls come to their shop each year to get their prom dress.

We are a one stop shop that provides not only dresses but also shoes, jewelry, alterations, airbrushing, tanning, party invites, graduation announcements, and men’s tuxedos.” Amber Nicoles just isn’t a bridal shop, it truly is an experience for high school girls to make their Prom extra special.

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