How to Rank Higher In Google for Little to No Money

If you want to rank higher in Google, social media marketing matters.

Many small business owners continue to scoff at or totally dismiss the importance of social media when it comes to Internet marketing. But with over 1 billion names searched in Google every day, the profiles you can set up in each networking site are taking on greater and greater importance.

You might be asking, “who searches for names of people and business in Google?” The answer is quite simple – employers, employees, job applicants, clients, prospects, vendors, and so on. And since 94 percent of people only look at the first page of Google results, you need to make sure you “own” the first page of Google search results at least for your own name.

And yet only 2 percent of people actually own the entire first page of Google for themselves. Only half own the first result and less than 25 percent have no positive content on their first page to help their reputation.

If you want to look better in Google, setting up your social network profile wisely is critical. But not all profiles are created equal.

LinkedIn is king when it comes to Google rankings. It ranks higher than any other profile including Facebook and Twitter. Facebook and Twitter follow in importance. And here’s one you probably never heard about ….Zerphy, a personal page builder.

Blogging especially using WordPress helps a great deal too. WordPress blogs rank higher than other blogs including Tumblr and Blogger.

Use video. Surprisingly, Vimeo profiles rank higher than YouTube. For photos, try Flickr, the only photo site that ranks in the first two Google pages.

Ranking your business high in Google results is a significant challenge for any size business today. And since most small businesses don’t have large budgets for sophisticated Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) program. Creating optimized personal and company profiles on social media and networking sites is an effective, low –cost way to get top Google ranking.

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