AVOID Entrepreneurial Burnout & How to Find Balance Using ACTION Strategies from 6 Intelligences during COVID times!

11:00 am-1:00 pm

  1. Emotional Intelligence–Approaching people according to their values is the key to an approach high in Emotional Intelligence – and success. Our Emotional Intelligence shows you how to optimize your personal and professional relationships.
  2. Personality Intelligence-All decision-making behavior boils down to four basic value personalities or what moves us to action. Personality Intelligence helps you to understand and communicate more effectively with each and stand out from the crowd. It also helps you better understand even yourself

  3. Business Intelligence-Bring your business to peak performance using our Business Intelligence. Learn to leverage data-driven decisions to optimize your business and career. Maximize your results across every aspect of your operations, strategy, and success.
  4. Sales Intelligence–Our sales intelligence applies Personality Intelligence to the sales process. Appeal to each Value code with buying triggers and tripwires that make or break the sale and help you close more sales in less time.
  5. Universal Intelligence-Values are the core of Universal language which connects and empowers humanity; we speak the language of Values with everyone in the world. Our Spiritual Intelligence helps you to master the four levels of wealth and keep you in alignment with your divine life purpose.
  6. Artificial Intelligence-I will share an Artificial Intelligence which is the only AI in the world powered by Values. It combines the other Intelligences into a cutting-edge technology that pinpoints ideal communication and appeals to them in nanoseconds.

In this session we will cover actions YOU can take to have Joy, Peace, Success and TIME…  Learn how these intelligences can help you avoid burnout, and achieve a well rounded successful life!