A successful 2012 for MCE Helping to create jobs on the shore

“If just one in three micro businesses hired an additional employee, the US would be at full employment.”

This was the powerful message delivered at the Association for Enterprise Opportunity (AEO) Conference this year. If this economy is going to turn around, it’s going to happen on Main Street.

MCE has been committed to helping grow these businesses since 1998 and we are proud of the success we’ve had to date.

Looking back on 2012, our focus continued to be on “micro” or very small businesses, which make up more than 80 percent of all businesses. In 2012, MCE assisted 14 businesses with working capital by providing them with a micro loan. Those businesses then created 73 new jobs on the Eastern Shore.

MCE helped to create on average 5 jobs per one assisted business in its service area – Worcester, Wicomico, Somerset, Dorchester, Caroline, Kent, and Talbot counties.

“MCE can make all the difference on whether a business gets off the ground, and we are proud of how many businesses we were able to help last year, ” said MCE Executive Director Hayley Gallagher.

Most micro businesses don’t have a marketing department, an HR team, and a full staff to handle all their operations. Most entrepreneurs are craving guidance, and MCE has always been there to help.

MCE staff members spent 840 hours in 2012 (about 16 hours per week) consulting businesses on their business ideas, day-to-day operations, marketing strategy, and staffing issues. MCE also helped new businesses choose the right business structure, develop estimated cash flows, compile spreadsheets and much, much more.

577 individuals (or 11 people per week) went through specialized business trainings in 2012. MCE hosts trainings and workshops to educate the business community about running a successful business.

We provide courses in different categories – starting a business, business planning, understanding finances, marketing, social media, and more. The most popular workshops are “Shore Venture”, “MBE Certification” and “Obtain a Home Improvement License”.

No matter where you are on the path to entrepreneurship, MCE has all the resources you need to be successful. To learn more about MCE, visit our website atwww.marylandcapital.org or call 410-546-1900. It is our mission to empower businesses to grow!

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